Italian Blue Berets in Lebanon. Opened road for the local Population





A paved road was built by the Italian Forces in Lebanon, deployed for UNIFIL, to improve the traffic in the Tibnin Municipality, thanks to a CIMIC (Civil and Military Cooperation) Project.

Together with the local authorities, Brigadier General Francesco Olla, Commander of the Joint Task Force – Lebanon, opened the road that will improve the connectivity with the neighboring municipalities and, at the same time, will guarantee optimal road security conditions.

The Tibnin Municipality is one of the biggest residential areas of the UNIFIL-Sector West Operational area. The Multinational Forces, led by Italy, is made up of units coming from 12 contributing Nations.

The planning and construction of the road, almost a kilometer long and finished in 9 days, was promoted by the CIMIC specialized personnel of the Italian Forces, which has been deployed in Lebanon, since April 27 of this year, in the “Leonte XXII Operation”, led by “Granatieri di Sardegna” Brigade.

The Specialized personnel comes from the “Multinational CIMIC Group” in Motta di Livenza (TV), operational Center and leader in the cooperation with International and Non- Governmental (NGO) Organizations, Italian and foreigners, since 2002.

The CIMIC activity is an essential operational function in UNIFIL, where the Joint Task Force – Lebanon has been working forever in support of the Local Authorities and of the NGOs, as established by the UN Security Council Resolution 1701.

Source:  Italian Defence General Staff