Multinational CIMIC Group takes part in exercise Trident Javelin 2017



The most delicate phase of Exercise "Trident Javelin 2017" has started. Main objective of this exercise, which involves several NATO Head Quarters throughout Europe, is to test and refine its command and control components, in defensive operations.

During the exercise, scheduled to continue till November 17, Command Posts will conduct a simulated joint operation in response to an aggression against a member country of the NATO Alliance.

Exercise "Trident Javelin 2017" does not envisage the deployment of troops on the ground and falls within the framework context of “Article 5 operations” under the NATO Treaty of 1949 (collective defense of the territories and populations of Member States).

The exercise will include a variety of the most challenging threats that NATO may be called to respond to, including cyber attacks and hybrid / terrorist threats.

It will involve all three levels of the NATO military structure: the strategic level will be played by Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE) in Belgium, the operational level will be played by Joint Force Command (JFC) Brunssum in the Netherlands, lead by Italian General Salvatore Farina. Other NATO HQs will play the tactical level role, from different locations:

-NATO Land Command (LANDCOM) based in Izmir (Turkey) - will play a Land Component Command, from its exercise post in Stavanger (Norway);

-NATO Maritime Command (MARCOM) – will play a Maritime Component Command, from its base in Northwood (UK);

-NATO Air Command (AIRCOM) – will play an Air Component Command, from its base in Ramstein (Germany);

-NATO Special Operations Headquarters (NSHQ) - will play a Special Operations Component Command, from its base in Mons (Belgium).

Moreover, the exercise involves personnel from all NATO member Countries.

Of note, Italian participation in the exercise includes one "Command Response Cell" from NATO Rapid Deployable Corp (NRDC) based in Solbiate Olona, personnel from Multinational CIMIC Group based in Motta di Livenza and personnel from 28th “Pavia” regiment, based in Pesaro.

A significant role is played by the Joint Warfare Center (JWC) in Stavanger, Norway, which has implemented "Skolkan 3" scenario for the exercise, which envisages a military campaign to restore the territorial integrity of an Allied Country.

JFC Brunssum is the Command responsible for conducting the exercise, which will pursue the achievement of strategic and political objectives through the synchronization of efforts by all subordinate components.

High level of interaction is expected with the hosting nations, Norway and the Baltic countries, but also with international, governmental and non-governmental organizations, with the intent of reaching the highest possible level of realism during this training in support of NATO's collective defense.

The "Trident Javelin" series of exercises, after the "Brilliant" series, concludes the certification process for the command and control assets of NATO's included in NATO Rapid Response Force (NRF). JFC Brunssum will take over responsibility for the stand-by phase, from JFC Naples, in 2018.

Source:   Italian Defence General Staff