Col. f. t. ISSMI Francesco GRECO


Colonel Francesco Greco was born in Ostuni on 13 March 1972.



He was enlisted to the 173rd Course of the Military Academy in MODENA in 1991 and appointed Lieutenant to the Infantry Corp in 1993.

As junior officer, he served at the 9th Infantry Regiment "BARI" in TRANI and at the Military School "TEULIÈ" in MILAN, as Platoon and Company Commander.

In 2002, he served as Head of Personnel Branch in the “Joint Guardian Operation” in Albania and in 2004, he became the Deputy Commander of Italian/German HQ Coyinthe NATO Mission in Prizren,KOSOVO.

Assigned to the Army General Staff Headquarters, Department of Personnel, Coordination Office, in January 2007, he was promoted to the rank of Major in 2008.

After attending the 12th ISSMI Course (Superior Institute Army General Staff), in 2010 he became Deputy Head Coordination Section of the Public Information Office at the Italian Army General Staff.

Promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in 2012, he became Chief of the Coordination Section of the Public Information and Communication Office.

On September 2013 he became Battalion Commander of the1st Operational Communications Battalion (PSYOPS) at the 28th rgt. "PAVIA" in PESARO and then, he was re-assigned to the Italian Army General Staff as Coordination Chief of the Public Information and Communication Office Section.

Promoted to the rank of Colonel in 2017.

He assumed his current appointment as Multinational CIMIC Group Commander on 9 June 2017. 




1996:              Graduated in “Political Science” from University of Turin

2005-2006:      Master Degree in Strategic Science from University of Turin

2009-2010:      Post Master University degree in “International Strategic Military Studies” from LUISS University of Rome

2011:              Master Degree in “Institutional Communication” from TOR VERGATA University of Rome

2013:              Master Degree in International Journalism (VII)” from Institute for Global Studies of Rome.

2016:              Graduated in "Public Communication with Social Media" from High Education Course (link Campus University). 



- Freelance Journalist from 18 June 2015;

- Author of the book “I Leoni di Takrouna” published in September 2016 a short story of an Infantry Regiment (the 66th) in North Africa 1941 – 1943.


Colonel Francesco GRECO is married to Mrs. Barbara and they have one daughter. Interest include many sports.


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