Command Sergeant Major ITA ARMY Paolo CASOTTO



The Command Sgt. Maj. Paolo Casotto is the “Regimental Sergeant Major” of Multinational CIMIC Group. He oversees a core group of Senior Enlisted Advisors from all Multinational CIMIC Group Units in collaborative support of the development, training and education. He also provides to MNCG staff, with his enlisted perspective on operational vision, goals and objectives and the Command's efforts on enlisted capacity development, commitment and management.

The Command Sgt. Maj. Paolo Casotto was born in Padua, Italy, on 1957. He attended The Italian Army’s Non Commissioned Officers School in Viterbo, Italy, on 1976. His Primary specialty has been as topographer with mountain troop’s first sergeant. He has had an extensive and diverse range of assignments during his career as well as he has held progressively higher roles of responsibility from the tactical to the operational level in multinational operations.

He has completed every level of his training through the main Italian Army training centers such as the Mountain Troops Military School, the Artillery School, the Army Foreign Language School and the Parachutist Military School.

The Command Sgt. Maj. Paolo Casotto has also earned many decorations such as official of the Italian republic order, the gold medal “Mauriziana” in recognition of ten lustrums of military service, the bronze medal for Italian Red Cross merit, the meritorious bronze medal for long head, the meritorious gold cross for long service, the bronze medal commendation for civilian service, the NATO medal for the former Yugoslavia, the NATO “non-article 5” ISAF medal and the SFOR Spanish plate medal.