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Digital electrocardiographs, defibrillators, oxygenators and numerous other electromedical devices have been donated by CIMIC operators from KFOR's Regional Command West to family medicine centers in the municipalities of Kacanik and Helez Han in southeastern Kosovo.
The initiative is intended to increase the efficiency of the facilities that provide health care to the more than 45,000 inhabitants of two of the municipalities most affected by the second wave of Covid-19.
The project, funded by the Ministry of Defence, was completed by the operators of the Multinational CIMIC Group working in the West Regional Command of the NATO KFOR mission.
The initiative stems from careful evaluations carried out by CIMIC operators who, through assessments aimed at identifying gaps related to critical factors, in particular for the part related to the "health" factor, have evaluated the development of the mentioned Quick Impact Project (QIP) and completed in recent weeks.
There are numerous activities conducted throughout Kosovo by the NATO mission, in particular by CIMIC operators, in support of the local response to Covid-19. 
Italy is the second contributing country after the United States to the KFOR mission, and is committed together with the other allies and partners also to impartially assist the institutions in Kosovo in certain areas such as health and education. 


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