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MNCG Operators have launched an initiative to safeguard the environment and Gibutian citizens

Djibuti, march 2021.
In recent weeks, the CIMIC cell, as part of the the Italian Military Support Base (BMIS), has organized and conducted an event called "Clean-up-day". Basically an event organized to clean up a stretch of beach usually frequented by the citizens of Djibouti to raise awareness of environmental protection. A project born thanks to the numerous liaison activities between the CIMIC Cell, composed of Multinational CIMIC Group operators, the the Association of Friends of Djibouti for Development (AADD) and representatives of the US Army Civil Affairs East Africa.
An initiative aimed, therefore, in favor of the local population which involved more than 60 people, including volunteers, soldiers and representatives of the local administration.
All the collected material was stored in order to facilitate the recovery to the local garbage collection.
This event, carried out in full compliance with anti Covid-19 regulations, allowed the BMIS and the CIMIC operators to further strengthen the link between the Italian military component, foreign contingents, local authorities and the population.
In the final speech, the president of the AADD, after thanking all the participants, in particular the contingents present, underlined the effectiveness of these initiatives and hopes that these can be replicated in the future so as to further educate the population of Djibouti on the problems linked to pollution and environmental protection.

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