Multinational CIMIC Group operators shared projects and objectives with the International Committee of the Red Cross

Djibuti, May, 2021

In recent weeks, the CIMIC team, as part of the Italian Military Support Base in Djibouti (BMIS) met with the head of mission, Dr. Daliborka Topic, at the headquarters of the International Committee of The Red Cross.

One of the main tasks of the CIMIC team is in fact to develop a civil-military liaison that can guarantee a careful management of resources in the operational scenario, which allows to minimize the impact of military activities on the surrounding environment and which ensures the maximization of efforts carried out by international, governmental and non-governmental organizations in a specific area of operation.

The topics discussed during the meeting were various and touched on topics of different social impact, from the management of local prisons to the Humanitarian Law of Armed Conflicts.

Therefore, the aim of meeting was to find out the possibility to achieve a fruitful cooperation or areas of coordinated development in support of the local population.

ICRC has always been one of the main interlocutors for CIMIC operators employed in operational scenarios and the excellent relationship, consolidated over the years, allows them to operate in harmony and efficiency, often sharing some objectives.

SOURCE : Multinational CIMIC Group


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