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Multinational CIMIC Group specialists provided vital school supplies and tools to the civil population of the rural areas

Niamey, February 09, 2023.
In compliance with one of the 3 CIMIC core functions -especially that related to the support to Non-military Actors and the civil environment-, Multinational CIMIC Group specialists have begun a large-scale distribution from items donated by the Italian Government for the students of the primary schools of the rural area around the Capital.
The head of the Tactical CIMIC Team in Niger, Lieutenant Colonel Leonardo De Santis, speaking during the donation ceremony, stressed the importance of this initiative, which aims to provide school kits containing essential supplies to help children learning in the crisis areas where the Italian Armed Forces work daily to guarantee security and support to the local Institutions.
In Niger, many families are unable to buy school supplies for their children. The students cannot complete their schoolwork; some skipp school entirely because they lacked basic supplies.  Thanks to a shipment of more than 1,000 School Kits, students at primary schools received what they needed to continue their education and return to the normality of a regular school routine.


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