Multinational CIMIC Group would not be capable of working efficiently without the Headquarters Company (HQ Coy).

The main role of the HQ Coy is to logistically support the Multinational CIMIC Group in any possible way; it begins with keeping military guards and watches, maintenance and administration, welfare services and ends with detailing soldiers for help to CJ-Branches. The HQ Coy is directly subordinated to the MNCG Commandant. However, in terms of tasks, cooperation is developed with the Chief of Headquarters Support. This subordination is especially related to some extra tasks referring, for example, to supporting the exercises, visits and any other peacetime activities performed by the Multinational CIMIC Group.

The HQ Company consists of a command group, a support platoon, a transport platoon and a medical platoon.

It is important to note that, apart from close relations to the Multinational CIMIC Group, the HQ Coy resembles a typical Italian military unit.


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