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MNCG Operators as part of the FORCE COMMANDER CIMIC Unit of UNIFIL, together with the Indonesian colleagues of the unit, conducted the CIMIC Induction Training for the UNIFIL personnel deployed in southern Lebanon, arrived in the country few weeks ago.

The containment measures necessary to manage the COVID-19 pandemic have imposed the exclusive use of technology; in fact all lessons have been carried out using the virtual meeting platform available on the UN portal.

About 35 students from 13 nations, connected from different bases, participated in the virtual training that was intended to prepare the personnel of the different units that carry out civil-military cooperation activities in support of the UNIFIL mission. 

From 13 to 15 October, 21 professionals, both civil and military of UNIFIL, as well as representatives of some UN agencies operating in the territory such as OCHA and UNHCR or GOs as the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation, have illustrated, with different perspectives, aspects and realities that a CIMIC operator can face.

The staff of the Multinational CIMIC Group held the lessons with which the importance of liaison was illustrated to create the necessary links with the population and to finalize the assessments of the civil environment in which to operate, as a decisive element for a functional synergy between the various stakeholders and to achieve more effectively the aim of implementing the objectives of the UNIFIL mission also through support to the civilian population.


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