In recent weeks, Multinational CIMIC Group operators, as part of the civil-military cooperation cell of the Italian Military Support Base (BMIS), have donated 160 wheelchairs to the National Agency for Disabled People (A.N.P.H.).

The ceremony was attended by BMIS Commander Colonel Michele Chiedi, the Minister of Women and Family, the Deputy of the National Assembly and the Director General of the agency.

The event took place in a cordial atmosphere, respecting the limitations imposed by the Djiboutian Ministry of Health for personal protection and social distancing.

During the ceremony, the Director General expressed his gratitude to the Italian Contingent and thanked him for his closeness and interest in the disabled people of Djibouti. The activity is one of the quick impact projects that the operators of the Multinational CIMIC Group plan and develop in the operating theaters in which they are deployed. The development of this project has made it possible to establish and maintain an effective link not only with local authorities but also with part of the population which, for various reasons, is considered vulnerable.


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