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Motta di Livenza, 20th November, 2020.

From 9th to 20th November 2020, the Multinational CIMIC Group (MNCG), the joint and combined unit specialized in civil-military cooperation, organized and conducted the NATO CIMIC Field and Staff worker courses.

The aim of the courses was to enable 32 participants from all armed forces to carry out tasks related to the planning and conduct part of CIMIC activities in modern operational scenarios.

The structure of the course, planned to comply with government provisions for the reduction from CoViD-19 contagion, allowed students to carry out the first two modules through e-learning and the residential phase in Motta di Livenza.

Participants received lectures on CIMIC doctrine and policy, communication skills, NATO Cross Cutting Topics, cultural awareness and engagement with the media.

During the training modules several guest speakers of International, Governmental and Non-Governmental Organizations supported the courses by connecting from different parts of the world. These include Dr. Viviana Premazzi, Director of Global Mindset Development, Dr. Elisabeth Koek, Human Rights & Humanitarian Protection Specialist, Dr. Federica Nogarotto of Medicines Sans Frontiers, Dr. Rita Petrilli, Senior Legal Expert of the Italian Association for Cooperation and Development, Professor Giovanni Parigi, political expert and professor of Arab culture at the University of Milan and Dr. Caterina Pino, expert in Human Affairs. 

The residential phase focused on an exercise based on a scenario related to the horn of Africa, one of the operational theaters in which the Multinational CIMIC Group operators are deployed. The activity, based on a complex crisis of a failed state, involved civil, religious and cultural associations of the Treviso Province, as role players in order in order to have an educational output closer to the reality of operational environments.


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