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MNCG specialists carry out a project for women who are victims of domestic violence or who are in poor living conditions

Kosovo, 2021.

The Multinational CIMIC Group operators, as part of KFOR's Regional Command West, have developed a social project that consists of having created a salon for hairdressers and beauticians inside the premises that host the NGO "Jeta" of Decane and that will be used for the conduct of professional training courses for women victims of domestic violence or who are in poor living conditions. The project is the result of a sociological analysis carried out by MNCG operators, who have identified in this initiative a concrete possibility to support women and to offer job opportunities related to the technical training that these courses will guarantee. The project was possible thanks to the collaboration between the Italian Ministry of Defense that purchased the furnishings and equipment to set up the salon and the Slovenian Ministry of Defense that financed the performance of the first course.

The Jeta association, founded in 2005 to promote the rights and improvement of the living conditions of women in Kosovo, has, over the years, thanks in part to KFOR, provided support to over 3000 women of all ethnicities or religions who are in difficulty, offering them training courses for cooks, hairdressers and seamstresses.


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