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MNCG specialists intervened to support Lebanese healthcare

Lebanon, 2021.
Three innovative video laryngoscope machineries, useful for clear and real-time visualization of a patient's respiratory system, were donated by the Italian contingent of the United Nations deployed in South Lebanon to the anesthesia and resuscitation departments of the Bint Jbeil hospitals. Tibnin and Tiro, important reference centers in the country for the management of the epidemiological emergency from Covid-19. 
The donation come from a careful assessment of the health deficiencies highlighted by the Multinational CIMIC Group operators, as part of UNIFIL staff, after careful studies and analyzes of the health system of Southern Lebanon. The equipment, which will integrate and enhance the instrumentation supplied to the three Lebanese health centers, allows to minimize patient intubation times and to limit the exposure of health personnel to oropharyngeal secretions of people potentially affected by Coronavirus, to anesthesiologists and resuscitators to work more safely and effectively. The machines were delivered during symbolic ceremonies organized in open spaces in compliance with anti Covid measures.
The donation, very important in this historical moment, is part of the civil-military cooperation projects promoted and finalized by the Italian contingent despite Covid-19, to guarantee assistance to the population in the fight against the virus, which still today, across the country, it records thousands of new positivity cases and numerous deaths.


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