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Civil and Military Cooperation specialists started the “1st CIMIC Mission Specific Preparation Course (MSPC)”

Somalia, 2021.

Following a specific request from the Somali National Armed Forces HQ, in recent days the 1st “CIMIC Mission Specific Preparation Course (MSPC)“, organized by EUTM CIMIC Team, manned by the Multinational CIMIC Group (MNCG) specialists, has trained the first SNAF soldiers. The course was dedicated to developing CIMIC capabilities among the Somali Officers/NCOs.

The objectives of the course are twofold: firstly, and in the first phase, to provide basic knowledge and familiarization with the key tenets of CMI/CIMIC concepts; secondly through “learning by doing” to enhance the skills with practical training modules to operate profitably in those multi-domain contexts that characterize the current security environment and characteristics of Somalia. The SNAF/EUTM CIMIC goal is to train 120 highly specialized Officers and NCOs able to sustain and operate within an effective Civil-Military Cooperation framework, in support of Engagement, Humanitarian assistance and Disaster relief, develop also through reach-back with the MNCG. Among the instructors there was also Colonel Mattia Zuzzi, MNCG Commander, who brought his large experience to the students. MNCG is formally accredited by NATO School Oberammergau (NSO) and widely recognized by a variety of organizations (whose operators attend the course in Motta di Livenza) as a unique reality in the CMI/CIMIC dimension. Its certifications are the international benchmark for excellence in Civil Military Cooperation.

The training modules, in fact are based on an in-depth analysis of the professional profile, objectives and responsibilities of the CIMIC Officer, and are conducted by providing insights related to communication skills, mediation aspects related to a given cultural context and providing “field experience” modules with the sharing of expertise gained over the years by CIMIC operators deployed in Horn of Africa. The students were also involved in a series of role-playing games and syndicates discussions consolidating the lessons in order to allow a subsequent analysis of the experiences, interpersonal dynamics, the methodology of assessments and the communication processes developed in the context represented.

Source: Multinational CIMIC Group


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