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MNCG Staff started the preparation for future NATO commitments

Motta di Livenza, february 26th, 2021.

From 15th to 26th February 2021, a CIMIC operations planning Workshop has been executed at Multinational CIMIC Group. The aim was to provide MNCG HQ personnel with solid knowledge to support a parallel and collaborative CIMIC operational planning effort in preparation for NATO wide spectrum of operations.
The workshop, which has been held prior to Exercise STEADFAST JUPITER 21 (STJU21) Crisis Response Planning (CRP), helped in familiarizing with the CIMIC products to be issued in support to the specific joint HQ to whom the MNCG is assigned as NRF asset. The Command could be the Joint Force Command Brunssum or Naples in accordance with the responsibilities and the current year.
The scenario was based on an Article 5 operation and the course was divided into theoretical lectures and practical exercises in order to enhance the concepts delivered by the instructors during planning phases. The subjects covered moved from the NATO Policy to the Cross Cutting Topics, from the different approach depending on the type of operation to the Decision Making Process (DMP).


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