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The art of tailoring at the heart of the CIMIC project

Djibuti, march 2021.
In recent weeks, the Multinational CIMIC Group (MNCG) operators, as part of the CIMIC cell of the Military Support Base (BMIS), have concluded a project for the benefit of the local population. The operators, following a careful sociological evaluation of the area and the associations which aim is to develop a sustainable economic system, donated 4 sewing machines to the "Daldhis" Association. The latter is an organisation which, on the basis of principles such as impartiality and political and ethnic neutrality, seeks to improve life in the most degraded areas of Djibouti.
These sewing machines will be used to train women in the area in the field of tailoring by increasing their skills and teaching them an art that can give job possibilities in the future.


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