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MNCG operators, in coordination with the national institutions, for the development of Somali universities

Somalia, March, 2021
Mr. Mohamed Ahmed Jimale, Rector of the Somali National University expressed his personal thanks for the assistance given to his departments by EUTM-S (European Union Training Mission Somalia), whose Commander is Brigadier General Fabiano Zinzone.
“The cooperation between the EUTM-S CIMIC cell and our university is both effective and useful in improving the quality of the lectures and the didactic output” said Mr. Jimale. “This is the first time EUTM-S Italian Civil and Military Cooperation has been directly involved in supporting the university with videoconferencing equipment to connect the local university with Italian athenaeums” said Lt. Col Matteo Mineo, MNCG Operator and Civil Military Cooperation Branch Head. “We plan to continue to support them in close coordination with the Italian Embassy and the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation to bolster culture helping future Somali generations.”
The realization of these activities was made possible thanks to the Multinational CIMIC Group specialists and their work focused on identifying social gaps within the Somali society.

SOURCE: Multinational CIMIC Group


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