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Civil-military cooperation continues in the Balkans

Kosovo, August, 2021.
In the second and third decade of August, respectively in the municipalities of Orahovac / Rahovec and Klina / Kline, the CIMIC operators as part as the Italian unit of the KFOR mission multinational command, developed quick impact projects in favor of the local community.
The project in the municipality of Orahovac / Rahovec provided the construction of water pumps for the supply of water to the inhabitants of the Velika Ocha village with a majority of Serbian ethnicity. The execution of this work was carried out in order to increase the ability to provide essential services for the entire population and at the same time make the water supply in the village more effective.
The other civil-military cooperation project was developed in the municipality of Klina / Kline, a municipality with a majority of Muslim and Catholic ethnicity. In this context, there was a delivery of educational material, clothing and toys to the orphanage called the Leskoc House.
This structure represents an important reality that offers an essential reception service in the area, organized on the model of a modern farm, which with its own workshops to start work for girls and boys, both Catholics and Muslims, who have now become adults, constitutes a very important structure of interreligious and ethnic cooperation on the territory.

SOURCE: Multinational CIMIC Group


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