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MNCG Operators met OHCHR in Niger


Very fruitful meeting with Senior Officers of the Italian Mission in support of Niger (MISIN) on the synergies between OHCHR and MISIN. Looking forward to working with MISIN to strengthening civilian-military cooperation via the promotion and protection of Human Rights.


20 years of Multinational CIMIC Group


In 2002 the CIMIC Group was founded in Motta di Livenza, after the NATO Force Goals depicted in the Strategic Concept of 1999. The Commander of the unit, Colonel Mattia Zuzzi, retraces all the main steps and his vision in this article:


Djibouti: sport to improve inclusiveness

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MNCG operators met local authorities in order to develop new projects and to define a productive plan for youngsters.

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MNCG at the 4th International Border Management Conference

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In the light of the important agreement between the International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD) and the Multinational CIMIC Group (MNCG) which provides the deployment of MNCG operators to carry out training and consultancy activities in favor of the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF), MNCG operator participated in the International Border Management Conference delivering a presentation during the 1st Thematic Roundtable “The role of Border Management as an Enabler of Development and a Safeguard of Security”.

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The 22nd CCOE Coordinating Committee (CC) Meeting concluded today

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The program of work for 2022 was presented and approved by all of the six Sponsoring Nations.
At the end of the meeting, the chairmanship of the Coordination Committee was traditionally handed over with a hammer blow. The position of the Chairman was handed over from Lieutenant Colonel Szamosi as the representative of Hungary, to the representative of Italy, Colonel Mattia Zuzzi, MNCG Commander.

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MNCG bike team retraces the paths of the history

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A group of MNCG cyclist participated in an important event to retrace the path that Italian soldiers, during the I World War, walked on during the enemy invasion. The idea was to pay homage to the unknown soldiers in the 100 years’ anniversary.

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Training of Trainers course at LAF CIMIC Directorate

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MNCG and ICMPD continue the capacity building activities delivering a 3 day workshop for Lebanese Armed Forces, Lebanese General Security and Lebanese Internal Security Forces.

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Allied Solace operation continues to keep grinding results

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NATO countries continue to work to resettle Afghans and their families to Allied Nations.
MNCG operators are on the front line.
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In recent weeks the MNCG operators coordinated a quick impact project with the Italian Banco Farmaceutico in order to support the “Mother and Children Health Clinics”. The aim of the activity was to sustain an essential service in order to guarantee a sufficient level of sanitary care, especially for women and children. Actually 4 clinics in Mogadishu have been supplied by essential medicaments and drugs. MNCG operators’ liaison activity has been fundamental to carry out the 

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MNCG operators developed a quick impact project in favour of the local handball Federation.

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MNCG Operators never stop supporting locals

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CIMIC staff, located in Djibouti, developed a sport project for young athletes.

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MNCG Operators worked together with the Italian Association of rescuers


CIMIC operators working with the Rescuers Association of Schio. Follow the news here